Products and Services


Below is an overview of the products and services GCI Equipment Rental offers. For a GCI Equipment Rental Bakersfield Hilticomplete list of products, please call or visit one of our two Bakersfield locations.

GCI is a Hilti authorized distributor and carries the full line of Hilti products. We also offer powder-actuated tools training.


Construction Supplies

Tool Bags/Knee Pads Chalk Boxes/String Spray/Marking Paint Lumber Crayons
Tape – Duct/Masking/Caution/Etc. Flagging Ribbon Ladders Water Coolers
Gas Cans Brooms/Brushes Batteries/Flashlights Light Stands/Bulbs
Sprayers Trailer Hitches and Supplies Chain/Binders Wheelbarrows
Construction Calculators Safety Fencing Paint Supplies Filter Fabrics
Plywood Electrical Cords/Pigtails Temporary Power Boxes Nuts/Bolts/Screws
Builders Levels and Tripods Channel Drain Scaffolds


Concrete Products

Trowel/Edger/Floats Chemicals Repair Products Grout
Epoxies Poly Concrete Color and Stamps Expansion Joint Products
Sand/Cement/Lime Redmix Dobies Sonotube
Water Stop Chamfer/Cutters Snap-ties Stakes
Jahn Brackets Inserts Channel Drain Moisture Barriers
Pool Forms

Metal Products

Rebar Wire Mesh Foundation Bolts Metal Stakes
Tie Wire Hand Drive Nails Screed Hooks


Power Tools

Electrical Power Tools Air Compressors Generators/Pumps Pressure Washers
Mixers: Cement/Mortar Concrete Saws Masonry/Tile Saws Compaction Equipment
Power Trowels Post Hole Diggers Power Screeds Paving Breakers
Heaters Fans Vacuums Concrete Vibrators
Rebar Cutters Powder Actuated Tools


Industrial/Safety Supplies

Hard Hats/Bump Caps Safety Glasses/Goggles Hearing Protection Respiratory Protection
Protective Clothing Rain Gear/Boots Gloves First Aid Kits
Signs Water Coolers Fire Extinguishers Ladders
Safety Fencing Electrical Cords Electrical Plugs/Pigtails Rope
Paint Supplies Tarps Hose/Fittings (all types)


Hand Tools

Wrenches/Sockets Pliers/Screwdrivers Lawn/Garden Tools Cement Trowels
Bars/Sledge Hammers Framing Hammers Saws/Files Chalk Boxes/String
Utility Knives Hand Squares Bolt Cutters Hand Levels
Floor Scrapers Brooms/Brushes Tape Measures/Rulers Measuring Wheels
Builders Levels Tripods/Rods Laser Levels Tie Wire Tools
Shovels Chamfer Cutters Hand Screeds



Simpson Connectors Concrete Anchors Pins/Loads Epoxy Systems
Bulk Nails Nuts/Bolts/Screws All Thread



Adhesive Blades/Bits Diamond Blades/Wheels Carbide Blades/Bits
Wood Cutting Bits Sawzall Blades



Caulking (all types) Fireproof Caulking Caulking Guns Adhesives
Mastics Oil Lubes Cleaners


Rental Equipment

  • Please visit our Rental page for a list of rental equipment available, or give us a call for additional help.


GCI Equipment Rental BakersfieldGCI offers training and certification on the following items. Please call us for more information on these services.


  • Forklift
  • Aerial Boom
  • Powder-Actuated Tools


Have questions? Call us at 661-587-7447 for help!